2020.10 Start migrating to Gitee + Hugo


Finally I started migrating my personal blog gulu-dev.com into gitee.com, away from Bitcron, which I’m afraid is probably no longer a great choice for blog hosting, after writing 107 posts there for 6 years (2014-2020).

More freedom, less stucking

I have already experimented with hugo for a while and have created a new blog on gitee.com this week, and will migrate all stuff from Bitcron in the near future.

There are several reasons behind the decision:

  • gitee.com is pretty much faster than Bitcron/FarBox within China
  • hugo is much more customizable than an automatic engine
  • git-based-repository holds revision history intrinsically, and probably preserves more reliability and integrity than Dropbox file syncing

No More ‘504 Gateway Time-out’

the intermittent 504 from Bitcron

The last thing kicked me away from Bitcron/Farbox is, intermittent 504, which is said “to be fixed when there is a fix”.

This is terrible.

I’m afraid Haipo no longer has much enthusiasm in this project. Though I’m willing to pay a bit more than I did for a stable service, it probably doesn’t yield enough revenue to keep it self worth maintaining any more.

The migration period

  • There might be a few months ahead to complete the migration process.
  • I will post on both sides before everything is settled here.


Gu Lu
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